Automating electrical planning with uplan

About us

Our team has been engaged in electrical engineering, home automation and project management for more than a decade. Through our work we faced the same challenges as any professional in the electrical field.

Until one day, uplan founder and electrical engineer, András Schmidt had enough of the long planning hours, never-ending consultations, mistakes and untraceable modifications: he knew there had to be an easier way.

This is the beginning of the story of the little self-developed tool which since 2018 has grown into a cutting-edge automated electrical planning software that reduces a multi-day project to 1 hour.

Our mission is to share our solution with colleagues worldwide: electricians, electrical engineers, interior designers and construction companies looking for a simple and fast way to achieve remarkable work and impressed clients.

András Schmidt András Schmidt
András Schmidt
CEO, Founder
Bori Surányi Bori Surányi
Bori Surányi
Product Manager
Andrea Sturm Andrea Sturm
Andrea Sturm
Marketing Manager
Máté Bártfai Máté Bártfai
Máté Bártfai
Technical Manager
József Csörsz József Csörsz
József Csörsz
Technical Support Manager
Anikó Vígh Anikó Vígh
Anikó Vígh
UI & Graphic Designer

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