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Renewed Offer

From now on you can get a detailed quote and complete technical documentation in a single PDF, not to mention extra add-ons such as customization by customer type or automatically generated function descriptions.


New product: Table lamp Air

You can now also find Loxone’s new product, the Table lamp Air, as a drop-down icon in the Loxone / Lighting folder in both versions.


New functions: Wireless generic WW led stripe és Wireless generic RGBW led stripe

You can find the two new icons in the Loxone / Lighting folder. When placed on the layout, the RGBW Dimmer Air product is calculated in the electrical cabinet without the LED stripe product.


Modified power supply calculation

From now on, when designing a Loxone project, uplan will only calculate a 4.2A Loxone power supply & Power supply and Backup device instead of the power supplies used so far.


Full range of Loxone and Quadral products in the database

Good news: all relevant Loxone and Quadral products that are also in the Loxone price list are listed in uplan.


New currency: Swiss franc

In addition to the new Offer, we have also expanded the list of available currencies: the Swiss franc (CHF) has arrived.


Smaller icon size

Based on feedback from uplaners, we’ve introduced an even smaller icon size so you can design comfortably on large floor plans.

2023.01.27Version 1.2.1

Electrical cabinet Unit automated calculation

In uPlan, it is now possible not only to automatically calculate all the devices that will be placed in the electrical cabinet (or rack cabinet), but also to get their UNIT size in the offer. This will allow you to easily determine the space requirements for the Loxone and conventional devices that will be placed in it.

2023.01.01Version 1.2.1

New Loxone devices are available in the quote

Keeping up with Loxone’s ever expanding range, new devices such as Miniserver Compact, Power Supply & Backup, Wallbox 11kW 16A Tree & Air have been added to the quote section, so you can already include them. For now, you can use them in the offer, but they will arrive soon in their full functionality.

Bulk delete devices from the layout

With this new feature, you can now delete all icons from the floor plan with two clicks. To do this, navigate to an icon, hold down the ‘trash’ icon and a window will appear where you can select the option to delete all devices.

Extended Bill of Materials

Based on previous feedback, we have expanded the data in the excel file that can be downloaded from the Bill of materials. In addition to the article number and quantity, it now also includes the manufacturer and the discount rate for the product.

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