6 Summer Smart Home Features Your Customers Will Love

Installing and programming smart home and building automation systems is becoming a service offered by more and more electrican thanks to the benefits they offer to both customers and professionals. From irrigation to outdoor sound systems, here are 6 popular summer smart home features that will make your customers’ daily lives easier and more enjoyable.

The Austrian Loxone system, for example, offers building automation solutions worldwide, whether for lighting control, security systems or HVAC systems. (In everyday language, the terms smart home system and building automation are often confused. In a previous article, we wrote about the difference between them, but for simplicity’s sake, we will use the term smart home.)

Here are 6 features guaranteed to blow potential customers away! Plus, we’ll show you how to design a complete Loxone Smart Home system in less than an hour using our electrical planning software.

Summert smart home options: Outdoor pool with sunbeds and parasols

Lighting and heating your pool is not only for convenience, but it also creates a cosy atmosphere. When connected to the Loxone smart home system, the lighting and heating are automatically activated depending on the lighting conditions, temperature and the presence of the user

The Loxone Touch & Grill Air is an indispensable element for the perfect garden party. With just one tool you can control the lighting, sound system, shades and even measure the temperature of the meat! You can set the desired temperature on the device and when it is reached, the app will send a notification to your phone. So you can cook perfect meat without having to check every minute.

Summert smart home options: garden Loxone irrigation system in the works with a family house in the background

In summer, your customers often neglect to water their gardens due to busy work and vacations. With Loxone, you can make irrigation part of your smart home system and automate watering according to their lifestyle and the weather. What’s more, you can integrate a robotic lawn mower into the system so that homeowners can enjoy a lush and well-tended garden after the holidays.

A well-functioning outdoor sound system is a must for a cozy summer house. The Loxone automatic speakers provide perfect sound quality and perform a number of other functions, such as doorbell and alarm system.

Summert smart home options: Loxone app on mobile phone, in the background the terrace of a family house with the shades down

Proper shading plays an important role in temperature control, especially in the summer. The Loxone system automatically positions the shades according to the light conditions, lowering them when the sun is strong and raising them when the sun is low. It also activates cooling devices (such as ceiling cooling or air conditioning) when necessary. This feature also saves energy costs!

In the summer, insects can make life miserable for your customers. With Loxone you can easily prevent uninvited guests from entering their home. When it gets dark and the system detects open windows, it automatically turns the lights red to keep out unwanted intruders.

Designing a building’s electrical network using traditional methods takes a lot of time, not to mention the constant changes… uplan electrical planning software saves you the hard work: thanks to its automated processes, you can design both your conventional and Loxone Smart Home system in as little as one hour, with automatically generated offers and documentation. Start your first Loxone project without any risk with the 14-day free trial!