How Much Does a Smart Home Automation Project Cost in 2024?

Home automation, once thought to be too costly or complex, is gaining popularity among homeowners. It protects your clients, their families and their homes from danger, while providing comfort, functionality and energy efficient solutions. But how much does it cost to automate one’s home in 2024? It all depends on how much automation your client want and what parts they already have at home. In this guide, we’ll give you a starting point for what you can offer on any budget. Then we’ll show you how uplan can help you get an accurate and detailed offer – ready to be sent to your client.

If you are a professional just getting familiar with intelligent solutions, start with the difference between home automation and smart home. In short, connecting your home’s basic functions to one central system is called “home automation.” A device like a tablet or smartphone can then link to and control the home automation system and all of its basic functions. And since almost everyone carries a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, it’s only natural that many people are now warming up to the idea of using them to control their homes

The average cost of home automation in 2024 is around €11 000, though prices can vary depending on location and the complexity of the project. What’s included in the costs of an average home automation system is the equipment, the installation, and the scope of the project to name a few. Also, more advanced features will cost more, and vice versa.

Equipment Cost

A big part of the costs for a smart home automation system comes from the equipment such as the cameras, light bulbs, hubs, etc. Here are some price examples:

  • Garage door openers: €150-€500
  • Outlets and plugs: €20-€100
  • Wi-Fi access points and mesh systems cost €200-€500
  • Surveillance Cameras: €200-€1,500

Installation Cost

The labor cost of a project depends on your hourly fee, but other professionals usually charge between €2500 and €4500. However, the price might increase with the complexity of your project.

Because of the large number of variables that influence the overall cost of a smart home automation system, it’s difficult to determine what one can get for their money. The price can range anywhere from as little as €8000 to as high as €18,000.

To determine what options you can offer at various price points, here is a breakdown:

1. Basic: €8000 – €9000

For a reasonable amount of money, you can install a basic home automation system in your client’s home that includes features such as a home entry system, lighting, blinds, door sensors, or a camera system, as well as Wi-Fi access points to connect them. When purchasing a smart home automation system in this price range, you can typically only install one.

You can now improve the functionality of the system you already have while keeping your costs down. Intercoms, smart home hubs, smart light bulbs, and other such upgrades or additions are all possible.

2. Getting Serious About Automation: €10 000 – €12 000

With this budget, you can include more technological features or devices in the systems, allowing to further personalization the smart home automation system to the client’s liking. This means that more devices can be connected to the system, such as speakers, entertainment systems, smart locks, or cameras with rotating motors, and have more control and management over them.

3. Getting Fancy: €17 000 – €18 000

This price range allows you offer most of the features that major home automation companies offer. You can install complete surveillance, entertainment, and comfort systems that are equipped with some of the most innovative technologies available today.

4. Luxury Home: € 18 000+

Installing a home automation system that costs more than €18 000 becomes a luxury feature.

The purchase of smart appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, ovens, dishwashers, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, advanced security systems, and lighting systems that require extensive wiring will raise the total cost of ownership.

Investing in a smart home automation system is a serious commitment. How can you help your clients make a confident decision they won’t regret?

A detailed and understandable offer listing all the functions, devices and your labor cost is a must-have when consulting with a potential client.

Luckily, the automated elecrical planning software uplan generates it for you after creating the electrical plan of the building in a few easy steps.

The best part? You can easily modify both the plan and the automatically generated Offer if your client wishes to lower the budget or add even more functions to the automation project.

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