Let’s automate the Friends apartment with Loxone automation

Who doesn’t love Friends? The classic sitcom, which aired between 1994 and 2004, still holds a special place in our hearts. Now it’s time to revisit Monica’s apartment, the iconic location where the group spent most of their time together. Imagine what it would be like if Monica’s apartment was equipped with elements of the Loxone smart home automation system.

 See how the apartment could be modernised and how it would change their unforgettable moments. At the end of the post we will also talk about how much this would cost them to upgrade.

Monica’s apartment was one of the central locations in the series, but the electrical network was relatively basic by the standards of the 90s. Basic lighting, standard sockets and (for obvious reasons) no smart home features were present in the apartment, not to mention the home internet. This is a perfect opportunity to see what a little Loxone makeover could do! 

Let’s jump to the list of possible features and play out some fun scenarios with our favourite characters! 

Let’s step into Monica’s apartment together and walk through the rooms to discover how Loxone’s upgrades transform an iconic environment into a modern, personalised living space.

With features ranging from personalised lighting to automatic ventilation, the gang can now enjoy movie nights, dance parties and even intimate, relaxing baths on a new level.

Our favourite food lover, Joey, can easily grab late night snacks with the automatic lighting controlled by the Presence Sensor Tree. No more stealing food in the dark!

And how could we forget Monica the perfect host? Now she can use the RGBW LED Spot Tree to set up unique lighting scenes to match her dinner party themes. This makes it easy to impress your guests and make every detail of your exquisite design shine.

Ross and Rachel can even replicate their first date at the planetarium in Rachel’s room, with just the control of the starry sky lights and Loxone.

While she cleans her apartment with military precision, Monica can choose the perfect amount of light so that not a speck of dust escapes her attention. And while cooking, she can control the same functions with Touch Surface without leaving a smudge on the Touch Tree switches on the wall.

Chandler, as we all know, has had a few tough days at work. With the new system, he can relax in the bathtub in a soothing, cozy environment and read women’s magazines with mood lighting instead of candlelight.

The Loxone audio system can provide the perfect audio experience for the “Die Hard” movie marathons. And it does so with a wide range of quadral speakers.

The use of a remote audio control and camera in the home would have allowed Monica to scare away her friends looking for Christmas presents  even from work with a kind voice message.

With the wireless water sensor, they will be notified immediately of any water leaks, preventing a conflict with the nosy downstairs neighbour, Mr Heckles.

Remember when everyone’s getting ready for Thanksgiving and they run up to the roof to see the big dog balloon that got loose, but lock themselves out of the apartment because no one has keys and Monica’s entire holiday menu burns with the turkey? Using Loxone’s NFC Code Touch, they could have easily gained access to the apartment without a key, using access codes, avoiding tragedy.

And with Loxone’s Smoke Detector, you’ll never be in the same situation as Phoebe, who couldn’t turn off her smoke detector for days.

Remember when Ross caught Chandler kissing Monica in the living room from his own apartment? A little privacy would have been nice! With automatic shading, they will have fewer unexpected surprises.

 Tip: We would have suggested this Loxone feature for the ugly naked guy in the next building.

Can you imagine the smell Joey left behind after one of his trips to the bathroom, in addition to his infamous appetite? The Leaf ventilation system, controlled by Loxone, is able to sense the air quality and regulate it accordingly, ensuring that the home smells fresh for everyone. It would have also helped Chandler, as he could have smoked without being caught.

The tropical Christmas party would be a thing of the past thanks to the Loxone system, which eliminates the need to turn a traditional radiator valve and automatically adjusts them according to the required temperature.

With the cooling function, Chandler didn’t have to worry when Joey got all dressed up in his clothes being sweaty.

Monica could have easily saved on energy costs by using the control sockets, and Rachel wouldn’t have had to worry about the stove being left on when she was locked out of the flat with Ross and Emma was left alone, as she could easily turn appliances on and off remotely via the mobile app.

How much would the required system devices cost if Monica decided that she wanted to automate her home? Click on the button below to download the quote with the device list and prices. It’s always important to keep in mind that the cost of an automation system depends on many factors, ideally the more features you add the more optimal and efficient operation you will achieve, but automating just one feature can already make a big difference to your comfort.

By upgrading Monica’s apartment with Loxone automation functions, we can bring the iconic location into our present, modern age and also enhance the everyday experience of Friends.

These upgrades provide comfort, convenience and a touch of luxury that any fan of the series would appreciate.

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